• MySQL Server / PostgreSQL
  • nodejs


$ npm install
$ node src/server.js

Execute openwebspider-application-server

Windows only: Run the server with openwebspider.bat

Getting started

  1. Open a web-browser at
  2. Go in the third tab (Database) and configure your settings
  3. Verify that openwebspider correctly connects to your MySQL server by clicking the “Verify” button
  4. “Save” your configuration
  5. “Create DB”; this will create all tables needed by openwebspider
    (remember that this will remove all existing tables and will create them from scratch)
    openwebspider configure db
  6. Now you are ready to start an openwebspider worker; first tab (Worker): Go


Search and indexer web services holds the connection to the database. If you change the database settings you should restart the openwebspider’s server.


Known issue

  • The openwebspider’s UI uses the Helvetica font; under linux you might not have it installed and,
    especially with google chrome, the application is rendered very badly.
    You can fix this by installing Microsoft TrueType core fonts
    (e.g. in Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, …)
    # apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer