Stress Testing your Web Server with OpenWebSpider#

Why stress test a web server?
Stress tests over your web server are useful to help you to understand how your server reacts to an high volume of concurrent users! This is needed if you think that your web application will be used from many users at the same time.

Let’s see how to stress test your web server with OpenWebSpider#
OpenWebSpider is a crawler (a web robot) born to download, parse and index pages into a MySql Server and make them searchable with a search engine.

OpenWebSpider# v0.1 and later versions have a new command line argument: −−stress−test
You can use this new feature to stress your server!
It simply downloads an URL many times with many concurrent threads and exits.

An example (better than 1000 words):

OpenWebSpiderCS.exe −−index −−stress-test 200 -t 50

Explanation: OpenWebSpider downloads 200 times using 50 concurrent threads!

Using −−stress−test with latest version of OpenWebSpider# (starting from v0.1.2) doesn’t require a connection to a MySql Server or a well-configured configuration file so you can download OpenWebSpider# and start performing stress tests over your server without the need of configuring it or setting it up!
Just download and use!

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