OpenWebSpider# v0.1: Getting Started


  1. Latest stable version of Mono or the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or above (under Windows)
  2. One of the operating system supported by Mono (if you use Mono): Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, Windows, and Unix [Read more about Mono and .NET Framework]
  3. MySQL Connector/NET (It’s provided within the OpenWebSpider# package but you can also download the latest version from the official website: MySql Connector/NET)

OpenWebSpider# doesn’t need to be compiled on your machine! You can use the binaries in the bin folder.
If you want you can compile it with MonoDevelop or Microsoft Visual C# (the Express Edition is freely downloadable from the Microsoft Website)

Create Database and Tables:
Watch this video: Create Database And Tables For Openwebspider v0.7
Video: Create Database And Tables for OpenWebSpider v0.7

This video still apply to OpenWebSpider# v0.1!

  1. Select the text in the file SQL/script.sql
  2. open a mysql terminal (you can also use SQLyog MySQL GUI – Community Edition)
  3. paste the text of the script there (the script will create default databases and tables)

Configure OpenWebSpider#
OpenWebSpider# has a simple configuration file: “openwebspider.conf” placed in the same directory of the binary (you can change name and folder of the file using the command line argument:
−−conf−file <filename>
Read more about OpenWebSpider# v0.1 Command Line Arguments/Usage


# Sample openwebspider.conf

# server1 is the server with the DB ‘DB1’
# db1 is the database of the hosts
db1 = <database (Default: ows_hosts)>
mysqlserver1 = <host/IP (Default: localhost)>
port1 = <MySQL Server port (Default: 3306)>
userdb1 = <username>
passdb1 = <password>

#server2 is the server with the DB ‘DB2’
#db2 is the database of the indexed pages
db2 = <database (Default: ows_index)>
mysqlserver2 = <host/IP (Default: localhost)>
port2 = <MySQL Server port (Default: 3306)>
userdb2 = <username>
passdb2 = <password>



mysqlserver1and mysqlserver2 are usually the same MySQL Server but you could use two servers: one per database!

Execute OpenWebSpider#:

  • Under Windows:
    1. you should open a Console [Start -> Execute Command -> cmd.exe]
    2. Change Directory and set that of OpenWebSpider’s bin folder
      (Example: cd c:\openwebspider\bin)
    3. Run it with: OpenWebSpiderCS.exe −−help
  • Under Linux:

    1. Open a Terminal (Console)
    2. Change Directory and set that of OpenWebSpider’s bin folder
      (Example: cd /home/user/projects/openwebspider/bin)
    3. Run it with: mono OpenWebSpiderCS.exe −−help

That’s all!!!

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