How to link libmysql.lib with Dev-C++ or GCC under windows

The problem is that only MS Visual C++ can link libmysql.lib but there is a trick
to compile with Dev c++(I used version or GCC:

> reimp.exe <FULL_PATH_OF(MySQL\lib\opt)>libmysql.lib
(^ This command creates: libmysql.def AND libmysql.a)

> dlltool.exe –input-def LIBMYSQL.def –dllname libmysql.dll –output-lib libmysql.dll
(^ this creates libmysql.dll)

Now You must copy libmysql.a in the “LIB” folder of dev-cpp (Ex. …\Dev-Cpp\lib\) and
and use “-lmysql -lws2_32” as additional linker options

This way is good for all applications who needs to compile mysql library under
windows with dev c++ or GCC

(1) You could found reimp here:
(2) You can download my libmysql.a or libmysql.dll

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